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Math Cats
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Crossing the River

(with a Wolf, a Goat, and a Cabbage)

Crossing the River
Math Cats' Photo of the Week Math Cats photo of the week
Exactly... how old are you??? Exactly how old are you?
(Try the new version!!)
         (or old version...)
Elapsed Time Calculator
How long is 1,000 years?"
Elapsed Time Calculator
OBBL Architecture Blocks OBBL   OBBL
Math Cats Balance
Try to balance objects
ranging from electrons
to galaxies!
12 Math Games
at Math Cats!
math games  math games
Old Egyptian Math Cats Fractions
Tessellation Town on Tile Island tile island
Polygon Playground

polygon playground
Explore symmetry, tessellations, and more!
Place Value Party place value party
Really Big Numbers!! really big numbers
(Try the new version:
no number is too big for the Math Cats!!!!!)
Bag of Mice
(But there's a hole in the bag! ... )
Math Cats
Writing Contest

Past writing topics
and best entries

Virtual Mobile
The Math Cats
Visit a Geometric Sculptor
Math-Loving Animals in the News Math-Loving Animals in the News
Math Story Problems story problems
Cat Tails
and Other Animal Stories
cat tails
Math Crafts

make string art, polyhedra, hexagrams and more

hexagram string art
Fact Family Cards fact family cards
Interactive Multiplication Table multiplication table
Exploding Math Art explosion1 explosion2

harmonograms, spirographs, and lissajous figures!
harmonogram spirograph
Lissajous Lab

a virtual oscilloscope!
lissajous lab
Warp the World
Weather Around the World

updated hourly
Magic Squares

with online movable tools

magic squares... magic squares
How much is it???

convert length, weight, and volume
How much is it?
Number Stories

number stories number stories
Haunted Hill haunted hill haunted hill
Human Body Geometry

human pentagon with 2 people
Start a Math Club math club   

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  * more math puzzles and projects!

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