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June 27, 2013

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*Online Manipulatives and Applets

Math Cats

     Applets for exploring numerous concepts. See "What a Crowd!" (estimation), Multiplication Grid, Math Cats Balance (with items ranging from electrons to galaxies), Old Egyptian Math Cats Fractions, Tessellation Town, much more.

Illuminations: Activities

     fractals tool, shape sorter, shape tool, shape pan balance (visualizing algebra), fraction pie, and many more tools and activities spanning all levels

NCTM's Electronic Examples (for implementing Principles and Standards)

     links to applets with teaching ideas and discussion questions

Project Interactivate

     a huge collection of interactive tools and simulations with supplemental materials and links to standards

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


     British site with a great variety of games and explorations to develop concepts along with skills.  See numeracy for grades 1 and 2,   numeracy for grades 3 - 6, and  Teacher Toolkit for whole class math demonstrations.

Math Tools at the Math Forum

     links to interactive resources and related lesson plans and other support materials, organized by grade and topic


OBBL and Math Toys

      creative applets for open-ended math explorations by Maurici Carbo Jordi, who has developed many of the best activities at Math Cats

F. Permadi's homepage (Java and Flash applets)

     interesting applets: Kaleidoscope Painter, moire patterns, fractal twister, more
     The recursive lines project is fascinating.

Soma Blocks applet

*Sites for Creating with Math

Math Crafts at Math Cats

     Create a variety of math crafts offline: polyhedra, hexagrams, ambigrams, string art, tessellations, designs with rotational symmetry, and more.
Also see for activities to create math art online and for a math art gallery of geometric designs, each produced with a few words of Logo code.

Soda Play

     Construct animated "creatures" out of polygons and springs and share them online. Interact with the creations in "manual" mode and turn gravity on and off. Don't miss the Sodazoo!

William's Home Page

     fascinating math crafts to make offline

Java Kali at the Geometry Center

More Than Math

     interactive activities integrating math and visual arts, for grades 3 - 5

*Logic Puzzles

Cut the Knot: Curriculum

     interactive arithmetic logic puzzles, math magic, algebra, much more, for all levels

Math Sphere: Fun with Math

     magic squares, tangrams, puzzles, and more

Button Beach Challenge

     This puzzle combines logic and addition skills (elementary grades).

Java on the Brain

     creative Java applets like rainbow notes, Mastermind

C. Malumphy homepage

     There are several creative applets here - Apple Find game, Color Shapes game with projects that can be shared, African stones (mancala)

PuzzleUp Hall of Fame

     links to puzzle applets

NullGee Connect Four

     Connect Four with zero gravity!

Maths Stuff

     lots of intriguing interactive investigations, logic games and puzzles, and more, developed by a British mathematics teacher

*Math Games with that "Extra Something"

Jefferson Lab Games Index

PBS Kids - Games

     interactive logic games involving functions, intersecting circles, measurement, visualizing 3D as 2D, shape matching, etc. Idea: In the cyber-pattern-player, program each drum with a different skip-counting pattern to explore the sounds of multiples.

*Sites Targeting Specific Concepts

Basic Math Skills:

Jefferson Lab Place Value Game

     The user can select the highest number, number of places, and number of discards (all elementary grades).

My Secret Number

     great logic and number sense game

Number Lines

      This school-created Flash applet generates number lines marked at intervals (with a decimal option). Hidden numbers help to develop skills in sequencing, skip-counting, and critical thinking.


     Estimate the value of a position marked on an unlabelled number line; choose number lines up to 10,000 or between 0 and 1.

Web Math: Instant Math Help

     Enter specific numbers and get help with them. (For instance, enter 8/16 in the fractions area, and the page draws this fraction with a pie and uses these numbers to explain the meaning of the fraction.)

Sums 4 Fun - Arcade

     games for enhancing math skills and reasoning (including algebraic thinking) developed by a math teacher in Kuwait.


One to Ten: An Arithmetic Game

     use operations to connect 4 digits to form the numbers from 1 to 10

Multiplication Game

     Make factor pairs to claim four squares in a row on a game board; use number skills and strategy to play against the computer.

Sum Sense - Multiplication

     Make multiplication equations from four digit cards.

Ten Frame

     Use this ten frame tool for counting, visualizing, finding differences to 10, and adding to 20. The applet lets groups of 5 be moved at one time and guides students through the steps of adding sums over 10.

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Fraction Sites

     links to open-ended explorations for developing fraction concepts; NCTM's applet represents fractions, decimals, and percents

Fractional Hi-Lo

     good fractional number sense game

Pie Chart Percentage

     Estimate what percentage of each pie is filled.


Class Clock

     a great tool to help teach telling time and changes in time

Word Problems

Thinking Blocks

     interactive modeling of word problems, including two-step problems, with how-to videos and feedback

Beacon Learning Center - Student Web Lessons

     lively, clear, interactive, story-based web lessons with instant feedback on a range of math skills and concepts


Illuminations: Simulating Probability Situations Using Box Models

     great investigation of probability, one item at a time or with 100 sets of 100 at one time


Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas

     This site presents high school level geometry concepts so creatively and artistically that the animations appeal to all ages.

MathSite: an Interactive Source for Seeing, Hearing, Doing Mathematics

     amazing interactive Flash "rooms" for exploring geometric properties

Illuminations: Developing Geometry Concepts Using Computer Programming Environments

     Use buttons and sliders to program a turtle to travel to a pond using Logo commands.

Algebra and Algebraic Thinking

Math Playground - Algebra Activities

     Amid a wide variety of interactive explorations on this site, be sure to try the algebra activities, such as Algebra Puzzle, Weigh the Wangdoodles, and the awesome customizable function machine! (See screenshots here.)

Algebra Balance Scales

Pan Balances at NCTM's Illuminations Site:
Pan Balance - Shapes (grades K - 5)

Pan Balance - Numbers (grades 6 - 8)

Pan Balance - Expressions (grades 3 - 12)

     These great applets help to develop logic skills along with algebraic thinking. The shape pan balance is for all ages.

The Maths File Game Show

     Several of the games help reinforce algebra skills.

Sequences (Triangular Numbers)

     find the missing number in a sequence of triangular numbers

Sequences - from the Sums4Fun Arcade

     Continue a number pattern, jump to the 10th and 20th values, and express the function rule(s) in algebraic notation. This is one of the simple yet challenging activites from Sums 4 Fun, developed by a math teacher in Kuwait.

Prime Numbers

Sieve of Eratosthenes

     This informational page includes a link to a great applet.

Math and Physics

Math and Physics Applets

     amazing Java applets of waves and other physics simulations

*Sites with Real-Life Connections

Real World Math

     outstanding projects investigating real-life problems, utilizing Google Earth - in some instances combined with Google Sketch-Up - along with lessons, activity sheets, and supporting research. The site's creator welcomes new suggestions for real-world investigations as he continues to expand the project library.

Plane Math

     integrates math and science with interactive lessons and an online airplane design center

Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle

     This webquest integrates reading (David Macaulay's Pyramid), online and offline resources, and several curriculum areas. It provides guidance on project management, a group project with specific roles, a press conference and a scale model.

Playing with Time

     amazing gallery of speeded-up and slowed-down time sequences

Music through the Curriculum

     wonderful online and offline activities connecting music, math, and science

*Math Tools and Resources

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

     an interactive math dictionary for elementary students, created in Flash by an Australian teacher

Interactive Math Dictionary

     geared for middle school students

Create a Graph

     Make bar, line, pie graphs online.

What Are Your Chances?

     Set the number of times to roll a pair of dice and see a chart of results.

Ask Dr. Math

     Browse answers to already-asked questions or ask one of your own.

David Bagley homepage

     a Java abacus and other great Java programs

The Abacus

     an abacus website

Global Schoolhouse Resource Links

     links to atlases, converters for currency and measurement, and more

Internet 4 Classrooms

     You won't find much open-ended exploration here, but the links are comprehensive and well-organized by each grade level (to grade 8), subject, and standard. Includes self-paced learning modules for teachers, and teacher-generated worksheets for students

Graph Paper

     graph paper and measurement tools in PDF files

*Sites with Data for Kids to Share and Use

Google Maps Distance Calculator

     Zoom, drag, and click to pinpoint two locations, whether local or global, and the page displays the distance between them "as the crow flies." (There are a few ads on the page.)

The Data and Story Library (DASL)

     This searchable collection of data files and summaries models a variety of real world applications of statistics.

Make Maps at

     Select from a variety of features; zoom in.

Gridded Population of the World

Spreadsheet Resources and Real World Data on the Internet School

     lots of links to spreadsheet and data resources

Data Library at the Math Forum


*Software for Exploring with Math


      This multimedia version of the Logo programming language empowers students and teachers to create geometric designs, animations, simulations, and games. Exploring and applying math concepts and skills is a natural part of the process of developing projects. The MicroWorlds site includes an extensive project library and several demo versions. The MicroWorlds in Action website - - offers theme-related demo projects, notes, and extension activities; FAQs with interactive demos; "Ask an Expert," and more.


      A free multimedia authoring tool that empowers students and teachers to create their own animations, games, and other projects while exploring math in open-ended, meaningful ways.
See for a great illustrated narration of how a first "car" project might develop.


      An easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, Logo-based multimedia programming environment. ToonTalk

      Build and run computer programs with drag-and-drop icons while exploring math concepts.

Enriched Math (by LCSI, makers of MicroWorlds)

     A set of 15 modules for middle-school students, featuring games and questions that stimulate classroom conversations about math concepts and problem solving strategies. By LCSI, the makers of MicroWorlds.

Spreadsheet software (Appleworks, Microsoft Works, Excel)
     Use repeating patterns or formulas to create an instant multiplication table; use formulas to create money converters or magic squares; combine a formula and a repeating pattern to illustrate exponential growth, such as in the "grains of rice" story; collect and graph data. See for math-related spreadsheet activities.

Geometer's Sketchpad

     Dynamic software for creating and exploring geometric constructions. Middle and high school students can create projects; students of all ages can explore finished constructions.


     Free dynamic mathematics software joining geometry, algebra, arithmetic, and calculus.


     A free downloadable math tool for creating math art while exploring fractions, developed in Squeak by a grad student at Georgia Tech.

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