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Spider Web Overview
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screenshot of spider web (inactive buttons)

To use this project, you need the free MicroWorlds Web Player, but you do not need to know anything about MicroWorlds.

With this project, you can create many different spider webs.
* The "lines" slider controls how many main lines the web will have.
* The "strands" slider sets the number of smaller lines running between the main lines. (Unlike a real spider web, in which the strands are usually parallel to each other, in this geometric web project, the strands form curves of "string art.")
* The "gap" slider sets the amount of empty space from the center of the web to the first strand.
In the sample above, and in most of the samples below, several webs are layered on top of each other.

procedures for SPIDER WEB

Please refer to the screenshot to see the buttons and sliders needed. You will use 3 turtles.

* * * * * * * * * *

to outline
ask [t1 t2 t3] [pu setpos [40 0] seth 0 pd ]
t1, repeat lines [fd 150 bk 150 rt 360 / lines]

to makeweb
repeat lines
[t2, lt 360 / lines fd 150 rt 180
t3, repeat gap [fd 150 / (strands + gap)]
repeat 1 + strands
[t1, pu towards "t3 fd distance "t3
pd towards "t2 fd distance "t2
ask [t2 t3] [fd 150 / (strands + gap)] ]
t2, lt 180 rt 360 / lines
ask [t1 t2 t3] [pu setpos [40 0] pd rt 360 / lines ]

to reset
everyone [pu setpos [40 0] seth 0 pd]

to startup

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