contentsMaking the Most of
Online Math Explorations
by Wendy Petti

A Treasure Map to Math Jewels

an annotated listing of great math sites and software
for open-ended math explorations
(hyperlinked webpage  or  Word document)

What Is a Math Jewel?
a checklist for teachers and students evaluating math sites
(webpage  or   Word document)

Getting the Most out of Math Jewels (Word document)

  • asking useful questions
  • organizing the classroom environment
  • assessing learning

  • Making the Most of Online Math Explorations (PowerPoint presentation)

    (To download the Word and Powerpoint files to your computer, right-click and select "save target as." If you left-click to open a Word document online and are prompted for a user name and password, just hit "cancel" and the page should load. Online handouts will open in new windows.   Close each window to return to this page.)


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